Optimist Racing




Travel Team vs Recreational Team

Recreational sailing looks more like our Learn-To-Sail program where kids go out each day, develop basic skills/knowledge that will allow them to handle the boat competently and safely return to the club.  Travel team requires sailors to heighten these skills to learn how to maximize the boat's potential for speed, deal with a number of different complex variables that challenge their mental skills (current, wind shifts, control adjustments, develop strategies/tactics etc).  Traveling to regattas requires a number of logistics, and our goal is to help inform parents to make this process easier for all.  

Our Green fleeters are getting lots of experience going to events and racing against other sailors from around the region.  These events not only help strengthen their sailing skills, but also connects them with other sailors whom they will develop friendships (some lifelong), strengthen their organizational skills and become more responsible and independent.  These events can be very challenging, like Stone Horse, where they will come off the water and feel exhausted, possibly frustrated, and in need of additional support from both the coach(s) and adults.  

Our Opti RT continues to show strong finishes at each event, and we are hoping to combine the groups more during practices now that our JORTs have gained these valuable racing experiences.  Combining the group should help elevate all racers, as the younger ones should be able to learn from our RT sailors and model their behavior and share knowledge while our RT sailors will learn how to manage fleets and gain from additional boats on the race course.  We want this group to be cohesive, as we hope they will continue progressing through our program together.  



Schedule of Events and Registration Deadlines

Opti Race Team:

July 8-9: New Bedford Jr. Regatta

Deadline to register:  7/1/17

Online Registration:  https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registration_form.php?regatta_id=14065

July 13-15:  Edgartown Regatta

Deadline to register:  7/6/17

Online Registration:  https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registration_form.php?regatta_id=14012

July 17:  Stonehorse Regatta

Website: http://www.stonehorseyachtclub.org/regatta.htm

July 26-27: Wianno Yacht Club Opti Regatta

Deadline to register:  7/23/17

Online Regsitration:  forthcoming

July 28-30:  Hyannis Regatta

Deadline to register:  7/21/17 - please note - this regatta will more than likely fill prior to the deadline

Online Registration:  http://www.hycregatta.org/register-for-regatta.html

August 7-8:  Scituate Jr. Regatta

Information forthcoming

Tentative Major Regattas:  Attendance will be based on Team interest level

August 21-22:  New Jersey State Championship

Event Website:  http://www.mantolokingyachtclub.org/usoda-regatta.html


Opti JORT:

July 26th: Wianno Opti Regatta

Aug 14: Barnstable Regatta (Barnstable YC)

Aug 9th: Hyannis Youth Invitational (Hyannis YC)